Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday 9/15 Photographs

A picture of the landscape I took one morning on a nature walk.
This is our "chumba" or dining hall. We eat meals, hangout, and have the occasional study sesh... Note the volleyball net to the back right side, some very serious games go down right there!
This is my banda "Kifaru" which means rhinoceros, I just found out. My room is on the left side and I share it with my roomies Kat and Hannah. (Actually right now, I'm sitting on the front porch of the right side of the banda with my friend Rachel!) 
Inside our banda... My bunk is the bottom left. The most important thing in this picture is the mosquito net around my bed, no bed bugs (or spiders or snakes) for me!
Sunset from the front gate of camp.
Maasai women at the boma. They typically dress like this on a daily basis, minus the white necklaces (which are actually pretty heavy!) which they now wear for the benefit of us tourists.
Maasai house. The women build them out of sticks, mud, cowhide and cow dung. Inside is a single room with a central fire pit and beds and shelves around the edge.
How can you resist that face?!

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