Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 9/10

Jambo Rafikis! (Hello friends!)

I GOT A PHONE! (and it works!) My number is 0763-08-9897. I’m sure you need to dial something to call out of the United States but I’ll leave that up to you to figure out. Also, make sure you know how much it is costing you to call – of course only call if you want to (I still want some letters too!) – like I said previously I’ve heard that Skype is the cheapest way to call per minute, but some of the girls here said their parents have an international phone plan and it’s basically free, but again I’ll leave that up to you to call me. I’m sharing my phone with one of my roommates so if you do want to call me or you want me to call you we need to set up a “phone date”… so get in touch with me via another way.

It’s pretty late here so this is going to be a quick post, but tomorrow is really exciting because we are going to Manyara National Park. Besides the ride here we really haven’t seen any wildlife, mainly because we spend most of our time in our camp or on the road to and from the local town and the only animals around are “kuku” (chickens) and “ngombe” (cows). SO tomorrow is super exciting. I’ll take a bunch of pictures too and hopefully be able to post, but though we have access to internet, there are very few opportunities where there is enough “juice” to upload and download things.

‘Til next time!
Lala Salama (Goodnight!)

Xoxoxo Z

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  1. Looks like the "area" code to put in at the beginning of Z's number is 255.