Thursday, September 2, 2010



So I've decided to keep a Blog about my trip to Africa this semester. (And by "I've", I really mean my mother has decided I should keep a Blog this semester...) I'm hoping to keep this updated as frequently as I can; it sounds like I'll have access to internet every couple of days. 

When it comes to keeping in touch, as I have just said due to my accessibility to internet, the easiest way is either through email ( or Facebook (duhhh). I know some of you have been asking me about sending mail so I'll post the addresses I'll be at, but remember NO packages (Bee...) and letters bigger than 7"x5"... anything bigger or more valuable than that means I probably won't receive it. So here they are:

Tanzania Address: (First 1/2 of the Semester - I'll let you know when I switch...)
Zarah Savoie
SFS Center for Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania,
P.O. Box 304,

Kenya Address: (Second 1/2 of the Semester)
Zarah Savoie
Center for Wildlife Management Studies
P.O. Box 27743 (Nyayo Stadium)
East Africa

So go crazy, and if I get a letter from you I will most definitely try to send one back! (And if there are any emergencies get in touch with Mom or Dad who have the emergency phone numbers to get in touch with me [fingers crossed that I won't be hearing from anyone that way though!].)

Well the countdown is finally winding down... I'll be airborne out of BTV at 1:10pm on Saturday; flying to Newark NJ (meeting up with some fellow SFS peers) where we take off to London, then on to Nairobi and then a puddle jumper to Tanzania (not quite sure the name of the airport or town we'll be landing in...) where we drive the rest of the way to Moyo Hills Field Station in Karatu, Tanzania! 

AHHHH, next time I post, I'll be half way around the world! I will miss you all and look forward to seeing you again in December!

xoxo Z

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